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How to connect mk802 to a 3G network

If you would like to connect to the internet using a 3G wireless adapter then this article is for you. You will need 3 things : a 3G broadband adapter with a working sim card in it, a rooted mk802 device, and an app called ppp widget.
Huawei e173 3g stick

Why would you need to do this ?
Let’s say your are going on a trip and you don’t want to carry a big laptop with you and you know the hotel you are staying in has tv’s with hdmi ports but no free wifi.
Let’s say you want to use your mk802 III in your car, or you want to use it as a backup wifi-3g hotstop.
Or let’s say your internet or wifi is down and you have a 3G stick just laying around.
3g stick on an mk802

In any case here is what you have to do:
First you need to root your mk802 III device. You can find an article about how to root your device.

Once your device is rooted look on google play for an app called ppp widget and install it.
ppp widget on mk802

If all went well a new widget should appear in the widget section. Put that widget on your screen.
ppp widget icon on the screen on the mk802

Now all you need to do is reboot your mk802 and make sure the 3G stick is plugged in (either in the usb port or in a usb hub).

An option similar to this should appear on your screen once you tap on the ppp icon (green) allowing you to chose your adapter. In my case is the Huawei e173.
Huawei e173 on an mk802

Now all you need to do is set your connection details (apn username and password). You can find those on your providers website.
fill in the apn username ans password of your boradband provider
Click on connect and voila, you should be browsing at 3g speeds.

Remember to disable your wi-fi so you actually know that your are using the 3g. (it doesn’t have to be 3g, it can be GSM CSD, GSM GPRS, GSM EDGE, UMTS HSPA, CDMA2000 EV-DO,HSPA+ or even LTE , it all depends on your provider and your coverage)

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  1. hey victor!
    I’ve rooted my Hawuei e303c just fine and I thank you for that since I’m aware of the benefits of a rooted android device-
    anyway I just could’t get to connect with ppp widget, I’ve set up apn, user, pass and dial number. but after i click connect, it goes to ‘dialing’ and then ‘disconnected’-
    ppp log just shows using /dev/ttyUSB0 and “script failed”
    I believe the modem it’s just not compatible- or it is locked somehow-