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Mk802iii vs Mk802iiiS

This is a short comparison of the mk 802 III vesus the mk 802 III S. Most of the comparison is done in images . We know that the mk802IIIs has bluetooth but is that all it has extra ?
The short answer is NO. The mk802IIIs packs a bit more of a punch than the previous mk802II , however the wifi is a bit worse in the new model.

General aspect left mk802IIIs right mk802III
mk802iiis vs mk802iii

Speed test done at 5m distance from the 150mbps router (with bluetooth on!). The older model gets about 30Mbps / 9Mbps
Speed test

The cpu now goes up to 1608 MHz, but the “real” resolution is still 1280X672.
The cpu now goes up to 1608 MHz

Android Version is 4.1.1
Android Version

Vellamo benchmarking left mk802IIIs right mk802III
Vellamo benchmarking mk802s
As you can see the newer model packs a bigger punch when it comes to hardware (cpu/memory) speed however it’s plagued by an outdated version of the browser.

The status menu now works on the mk802s
The status menu now works on the mk802s

The wifi antena was moved further away from the usb mk802IIIs is on the left
The wifi antena was moved

The mk802s has now 2 micro usb ports. One of them is used for powering the device.
The mk802s has now 2 micro usb ports

The onboard memory of the device is now produced by hynnix it looks like they are using a different wi-fi card.
The onboard memory

It now has a reset button !also you get the option to power of the device, however after you power it off from the menu you get about 30 seconds to unplug the power source from it, otherwise it will power on again.
It now has a reset button

My overall feel of the new model is that they made it a lot faster and a bit more stable, but they ruined it by adding bluetooth. The wi-fi speed is now just horrible (for me at least) and switching bt off doesn’t seem to help much. The design of the wi-fi antenna is the same on both models, so it has to be the chip. However you are decent with a soldering gun and into diy, swapping the crappy onboard antenna with a decent one (from a router) should give you a much needed boost in wi-fi signal.
I was unable to stream 720p fluidly, from a computer that was in the same subnet as the mk.

To tell you the truth right now i feel like a kid that has a Shelby Mustang and a Lotus Elise. I really can’t make up my mind which one to use on a day to day basis.

Feel free to ask me any questions related to the comparison of the mk802IIIs vs the mk802III, i’d be more than happy to answer. If you have any interesting tests you think i should run, also mention those.

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