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Rikomagic MK 802 III works with Skype

I bought my Rikomagic mk 802 III of in an attempt to make my Tv experience more interesting.
Boy was I in for a surprise :) a pleasant one for a change. You will find more details about how to turn your tv into a media center with Rikomagic MK 802 III in this article.
Here you will find more details into my experience with buying from

turn your tv into a media center with Rikomagic MK 802 III

Lets get into the subject : Does Rikomagic mk 802 III work with Skype ?
The simple answer is yes, as long as you have a Logitech 920 webcam connected to it, Skype works perfectly, both video and audio.

The mouse moves around a lot, since I had to go to my office to answer the skype call. The video has no audio.


  1. I see you have the best quality webcam a hundred bucks can get ya….
    Whats the quality they receive from you and your cam trough this device??

    • I’ll be honest. The quality is decent as long as you are 1-2 meters away from the camera. After 2 meters (i have a pretty big tv, so my couch is 5 meters away) the camera will keep struggling to focus … 90% of the time, i (the couch) will be out of focus. From a technical point of view, in skype the resolution is 720p with an average framerate of under 20.

  2. I have a mk802 iiis and I wonder which skype version you are using as the current version constantly disconnects shortly after connecting. And what interests me also is the microphone sensitive enough? Can you talk normally when you sit 3m in front of the cam? And doesn’ the microphone pick up background noise?


    • I’m using the default skype version (the one found on google play). I’m using the mic(s) my logitech 920 has. I have to admit that i do have to speak a bit more loudly than normal but i don’t get any echo/feedback/bg noise.
      Keep in mind i’m using the “rooted” rom. (you can find that on this site).